On Thursday, January 11, the English version of the 2017 fall semester final examination schedule was published. This semester’s final exam period runs from Monday, January 22, to Friday, January 26, 2018.

How to check your exam schedule

You can easily check the final exam and report format for all classes you have registered this semester using SFC-SFS.

Step 1. Log into SFC-SFS.

Step 2. Select "Gakuji Web" in the top menu (labelled ① in the below image), then select "Education Support System" (labelled ②) at the bottom of the page.

Step 3. From there, select the "Exam Timetable" button toward the bottom of the page, just below the "Fall 2017" label.

Step 4. A PDF file containing a list of all your registered classes with a final examination or report should be displayed. If any of your classes have an exam during the official final examination period, details about the time, location, and any allowed materials will be listed.

Show up on time! Don’t forget your student ID!

In order to take a final exam, you will need to bring your student ID with you. If you forget your student ID on the day of your exam, you will be able to obtain a temporary one from the Office of Academic Affairs for 500 yen.

If you show up late to your exams, you will not be granted any additional time to take the test, regardless of the reason. If public transportation services are delayed on the day of the exam, exam start times may be moved back to accommodate the delay, so you should make every effort to come to school.

Irregular test times

Final examinations may not be held during the same day, period, and time as their corresponding classes. The following three classes have irregular exam times this semester. Students taking any of the following classes should confirm the final exam details carefully.

Course Name Instructor
Quantum Information Processing Rodney Van Meter
Information and Uncertainty Kunihiko Hayashi
Basics of Data Science Kunihiko Hayashi, Emi Miyachi

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