1. CLIP緊急アンケート! 授業オンライン化への意見を募集
    SFC CLIP編集部では、新型コロナウイルス感染症の感染拡大を受けてオンライン化が推進される2020年度春学期授業について、SFC生の疑問や意見などを広く募集する。募集した内容は、大学当局などと連携しながら調査・取材を行う。
  2. Graduation ceremony cancelled, entrance ceremony postponed over COVID-19 concerns
    In response to concerns about the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Keio University on Feb. 28 announced that it will cancel upcoming graduation ceremonies and postpone entrance ceremonies.
  3. Submissions for "Graduation Project 2" research results now open, deadline Tues., July 30
    The submission period for "Graduation Project 2" students to submit research output has begun; stude…
  4. Keio wins day 2 of the 2019 Spring Keio-Waseda baseball games
    On Sunday, June 2, the second of the 2019 spring Keio-Waseda (Sōkeisen) baseball games was held at Jingu Baseball Stadium.
  5. Seminar syllabus for fall 2018 now available!
    On Friday, July 6, the research seminar (kenkyūkai) syllabus for the Fall 2018 semester was published online.
  6. Introducing Node Growth Shonandai, a new student residence at Shonandai
    Keio offers limited options for dormitories; they are mainly located more than an hour away from SFC. Node Growth Shonandai is a student dormitory that is not only located near Shonandai Station, but provide special opportunities to international students.
  7. Defeat in day 2 of the Keio-Waseda games – Keio already victorious in Big6 League, parade to follow
    ‪On June 3, the 2nd game of the 2018 spring Keio-Waseda baseball match was held. Since Keio and Waseda are tied, most classes tomorrow may be cancelled. Since Keio already secured victory in this semester’s Tokyo Big6 League, a parade will also be held.
  8. Course registration for spring semester open until Mon. April 16! Don't forget!
    Course registration for the 2018 spring semester is open from Wednesday, April 11, 3:00pm to Monday, April 16, 11:00am via the Gakuji Web System. Don't miss the deadline!
  9. Grade reports for Fall 2017 semester will be available Mar. 9!
    Students can check their grade reports for the fall 2017 semester on SFC-SFS starting Friday, March 9.
  10. Cafeteria, co-op, Subway will operate on a different schedule during spring vacation
    The cafeteria, co-op, and Subway dining facilities at SFC will operate under a different schedule during the spring vacation period.
  11. CNS printers will be upgraded Mar. 19-30, new system will allow mobile printing
    From Mar. 19-30, the CNS printing system will be unavailable due to system upgrades. After the upgrade, users may need to update their devices; the new system will support mobile printing.
  12. 【Event】Experiencing Indonesia at SFC's "Indonesian Night"
    On December 22, the Keio SFC Malay-Indonesian Laboratory held an "Indonesian Night" event, which allowed participants to experience the rich culture of Indonesia, including food, fashion, and music.