Course registration for the 2018 spring semester is open from Wednesday, April 11, 3:00pm to Monday, April 16, 11:00am via the Gakuji Web System. Don’t miss the deadline!

Please note, the Gakuji Web System is unavailable daily for system maintenance for one hour every day starting at 4:00am.

Access via SFC-SFS

After logging in to SFC-SFS, navigate to the "Gakuji Web" page and click "Start Gakuji Web System."

After opening the English version of the page, click "GO –>" next to "Register for Courses."
Read the considerations for course registration and click "To Main Registration Page".

※An example from last year ※An example from last year

Be careful!

There are some points you should be careful of when registering courses.

If there are any errors during registration, your entire registration will be invalid, with all courses showing a status of "Pending." After you submit your registration, resolve any errors and make sure all courses have a status of "Registration Completed."

After completing registration, make sure to print out your registration confirmation page. If any system trouble occurs, your printed confirmation a proof of your registration to the academic affairs office.

Print out your registration from the confirmation page Print out your registration from the confirmation page

First-half or second-half-only classes must all be registered at this time. You will not have a chance to add courses after the registration period closes.

Don’t forget PE!

If you have completed "Physical Education 1", you are required to register "Physical Education 2" and "Physical Education 3" unless you have already completed both.

Did you confirm your advancement requirements?

Make sure you did not forget to register subjects that are mandatory to advance to the next academic year or towards graduation, otherwise you may be forced to repeat a year or delay your graduation.

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