On Sunday, June 2, the second of the 2019 spring Keio-Waseda (Sōkeisen) baseball games was held at Jingu Baseball Stadium. Thanks to the comfortable weather, both Keio and Waseda supporters came to watch what is arguably the most famous Tokyo Big6 Baseball League game. The game being resulted in a 5-1 victory for Keio, with a third tie-breaker scheduled for tomorrow.

Looking back at the outline with Twitter updates

Starting Lineups

Top of the 3rd inning

Top of the 4th inning

Bottom of the 5th inning

Bottom of the 6th inning

Top of the 7th inning

Top of the 8th inning

Bottom of the 8th inning

Bottom of the 9th inning

The outcome of this semester’s games will be decided tomorrow

In today’s, Keio scored 5 points at the top of the 3rd inning and achieved victory, despite allowing Waseda to score 1 run at the bottom of the 8th inning. The third game, to be held tomorrow, will determine which university will take second place of the 2019 Spring Tokyo Big6 Baseball League.

Some subjects in SFC have examinations tomorrow

Tomorrow is examination day for some classes at SFC, with no regular classes scheduled to be held. If you are going to go to the stadium to watch the game, check your schedule carefully to ensure you do not skip any exam you may have.

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