Grade reports for the 2017 Fall semester will be available online starting Friday, March 9. Students need to have a valid ID and password to check their grades online.

Do you know your ID and password?

In order to access online grade reports, students will need to have a valid ID and password. If you’ve forgotten your password or are otherwise unable to log in, you should contact the Shonan Fujisawa ITC as soon as possible.

Availability depends on current student year

Students in the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Faculty of Policy Management, and Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care will be able to view their grades online through SFC-SFS or The following table describes the timeline from which students in those faculties will be able to view their grades online, depending on their current student year. Students in other faculties and graduate schools of Keio may be subject to different times.

Current student year Available from
4 10:00
3 11:00
2 12:00
1 13:00

Students in the Graduate School of Media and Governance will be able to check their grades from 10:00 on March 9.

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