The submission period for "Graduation Project 2" students to submit research output has begun; students intending to graduate in the 2019 spring semester should submit their research result to SFC-SFS by July 30, 2019 (at 23:59).

About submissions

As described on page 27 of the SFC GUIDE Vol. 2 (English version), students who are registered for Graduation Project 2 must submit their research output to SFC-SFS, which must be evaluated and approved by their graduation project mentor to graduate.

Submissions are allowed from June 24, 2019 – July 30, 2019 (23:59), so students intending to graduate this semester should submit before the deadline. Students allowed to graduate will be informed via grade report, which will be available on September 5, 2019.

How to submit

Students planning to submit their research results can do so through SFC-SFS.

Log in to SFC-SFS and click the ①[GP](Graduation Project) tab on the left of the page; then click ②[Reg. GP2 Work](Register Graduation Project 2 Work) at the top to submit your work. Approved works will be made available on SFC-SFS (excluding students who do not graduate).


Those who do not register any works by the deadline automatically will receive a "D" grade. Students should submit their research output as soon as possible, since SFC-SFS may become congested or slow shortly before the deadline (submissions may be updated any time prior to the official deadline).

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