Final reports for physical education classes for the Fall 2017 semester may be submitted starting from Tuesday, January 9. Submissions for PE 2 through 5 are due by 23:59 on Friday, January 19, and can only be uploaded once you have completed fifteen classes. PE 1 submissions have earlier deadlines, so first year students should check their own deadlines on the Wellness System.

PE for GIGA students

For PE 2 through 5, GIGA students are free to attend any physical education classes (including ones conducted in Japanese) and submit a report in Japanese or English once they have completed the course. To submit in English, students should submit to teachers who accept reports for GIGA PE (e.g. Takaaki Kato).

Students are expected to write a report for a faculty member whose class they have attended at least once.

How to submit and confirm PE reports on the Wellness System

The report topic for each professor may differ slightly and can be confirmed on the Wellness System. To access, open "Report" (labelled ① in the below image) on the leftmost menu to display the available reports this semester. You can view details for any report by clicking "Select" (labelled ②) next to the corresponding class name.

Consider submitting before the due date

Since there may be many people attempting to submit reports just before the deadline, allow yourself ample time to submit any reports. During times of heavy load, the server may take longer to respond or may respond with error messages. Unlike SFC-SFS, the Wellness System does not accept any submissions once the deadline has passed.

PE 2 – 5: About credits and attendance

For all classes except PE 1, the number of attended classes will be carried over to subsequent semesters. Similarly, you can submit a report in the following semester. For example, if you complete all fifteen classes for PE 2, you can submit the report the next semester. However, if you need PE credits in order to advance a year, you should upload a report to the Wellness System by the deadline.

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