The Shonan Fujisawa ITC announced it will be terminating the CNS Online Storage Service (Sharefile) in March 2017. If you are storing any data in the CNS Online Storage Service, it is necessary to backup any data before the end of March 2017.

CNS Online Storage Service (Sharefile) will be terminated in March 2017 CNS Online Storage Service (Sharefile) will be terminated in March 2017

Considering alternative services

The CNS Online Storage Service (Sharefile) is an online storage service operated by Shonan Fujisawa ITC with similar functionality to other cloud storage services such as Dropbox. Keio University students have access to unlimited cloud data storage (Google Drive) through; additionally, Keio began offering storage to all Keio students, faculty, and staff in May 2016. However, the CNS Online Storage Service is currently the only cloud file storage provided at SFC. Although locally provided file storage through Sharefile is considerably faster than cloud-based alternatives, ITC reported that Sharefile usage at SFC has been low. As a result, ITC consulted faculty and staff members and decided not to renew SFC’s contract with Citrix Systems, Inc. to provide the CNS online storage service. However, ITC is currently investigating options to start offering a similar service using open source software from April 2017.

Backup your data!

Any users currently storing data on the CNS Online Storage Service (Sharefile) should be advised that the service will be maintained until the end of March 2017 and should begin migrating their data to other services as soon as possible. ITC encourages users to begin migrating their data now to avoid any issues closer to the CNS storage service shutdown.

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