On March 16, Keio University announced it will delay the start of the 2020 Spring semester classes due to concerns over COVID-19.

Announcement from Keio University

Details Schedule
Orientations April 13 (Mon) – April 28 (Tue)
Start of Spring Semester Classes April 30 (Thur)

At this time, details regarding the entrance ceremony have not been announced.

Further details will be updated as needed, as some faculties or graduate schools may not follow the schedule above. Please make sure to check the announcement from the University.

Rescheduling all activities for circle orientation

SFC CLIP interviewed the committee which organizes the whole circle orientations for the new students. In the interview, the committee has mentioned that at this point, circle orientations will still be held, although rescheduling will be needed.

In addition, instead of completely switching the activities to a fully-online format, they are still planning to distribute the traditional "Circle Guide" booklet to new students.

Postponement measures in the past

After the Great Tohoku Earthquake in March 2011, the start of the spring semester was delayed by one month for the 2011 academic year.

This time, further details will be announced from each undergraduate faculty and graduate school, therefore, it is important to be aware of new updated information that may be announced in the future.

Editor’s notes

Depending on the instructions from each faculty, there may be changes to the schedule or changes in the way of how the Spring Semester classes will be conducted. Please make sure to stay updated by checking the latest announcements on the Keio Student Website or on keio.jp Portal.

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