On Sunday, October 28, the second match of the 2018 fall semester Keio-Waseda baseball game was held at Meiji Jingu Stadium. Keio lost the match to Waseda 6-5, but since Keio won the match yesterday, a third match will be held tomorrow to decide the victor of this semester’s match.

Classes on Monday may be affected by the third match

Undergraduate classes will be cancelled if the game is held

Since the results of this semester’s match with Waseda has not been decided yet, the games will be extended into Monday or Tuesday until a victor is decided. In order to allow students to support the Keio team, undergraduate classes at SFC will be cancelled if the game is held as scheduled.

The class schedule on Monday will be determined based on the weather tomorrow morning. If the game is cancelled by 8:30, classes from second period and later will be held as usual. If a class is held during first and second period, both periods will be cancelled. If the game is cancelled by 10:30, classes from third period and later will be held as usual. If the game is not cancelled by 10:30, all undergraduate classes at SFC on Monday will be cancelled.

Graduate classes will not be affected

Classes in the Graduate School of Media and Governance will be held as usual, regardless of whether the game is held tomorrow. However, classes held jointly with undergraduate faculties at SFC (categorized as “Program Courses – Heisetsu”) will be managed according to the above rules for undergraduate classes at SFC and may be cancelled.